Short Private Course in Analogue Photography and The Darkroom

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Our Darkroom course seeks to be like an oasis, in the middle of all this chaos and speed, a place to slow down, think, and be patient, a place where the magic of light manages to illuminate the artistic side that is in all of us. It’s an opportunity to be able to understand exactly which chemical procedures to use, in order to obtain high-quality images, and without ever having to run to our best friend to fix our computer problems.

We will begin by analyzing the different types of cameras and films, their varying formats, and we will study the issues around obtaining correct exposure in photography, the theory and practice of developing a negative, leading finally to making Fine Art prints for an exhibition.


Film and Exposure

  • Black and White film: characteristics and composition.
  • Film sensitivity.
  • Film grain.
  • Film formats.
  • Roll-film and flat film.
  • Spectral sensitivity.
  • Exposure in analogue photography.
  • Correct exposure of a photo taking into account light intensity: The Sunny 16 Rule.
  • Daylight.
  • Quality of Daylight.
  • Artificial Light.
  • Exposure with Flash.
  • Light-meter and its correct use.
  • Reading the Grey Card.
  • Exposure Value.
  • Exposure factors.
  • Reciprocity rule.
  • The K Factor.
  • Photographic Filters and their use.

The Darkroom: Development processes

  • Developing black and white roll film.
  • Developing Large Format film.
  • Exposure scales and paper grades.
  • Graduated photographic printing papers.
  • Multigrade printing papers.
  • Gloss and Fiber-based papers.
  • Contact printing: tests.
  • Printing enlargements.
  • Pre-exposure in printing.
  • Condenser Enlarger v Diffuser Enlarger.

Given the fact that this is a Private Course, you are able to agree with your teacher a very personalised lesson program, based on your own professional needs.

Level: Basic and Advanced.

Duration: 18 hours.

Start date: Can be decided by participants.

Hours: 3 hours per day, 1,2 or 3 lessons a week, as chosen by participants.

Prices: Prices are per person, and are calculated according to how many people are in your group.