Short Private Course in Food Storytelling

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  • Food, culture and society: subject introduction, truth trust and facts, feeding the fixer (theory, methods and tools).
  • Food-ways:  a food  mindset  to  approach  the  known  and  the  unknown,  right  questions  at  the right time, storytelling vs storydoing vs storyliving (theory, methods and tools).
  • Food voices: food and body memory, plated stories – case histories.
  • Food habits: food as site of memory, identity and the like-a-local syndrome (theory, methods and tools).
  • Food power: from soil to art, food as a core instrument of power mechanisms – case histories.
  • Digital storytelling – Trans-media storytelling – Augmented reality – Virtual reality.
  • Final project presentation.

Given the fact that this is a Private Course, you are able to agree with your teacher a very personalised lesson program, based on your own professional needs.

Level: Basic and Advanced.

Duration: 18 hours.

Start date: Can be chosen by participants.

Hours: 3 hours per day,  1, 2 or 3 lessons per week,  at the participants’ choice.

Prices: Prices are per person, and are calculated according to how many people are in your group.