Italian language and the Renaissance

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Duration : 1 week.

Date:  Participant can choose. Anytime during the year.

Program: 5 lessons of Italian Language, from 9am-1pm, from Monday to Friday. 5 afternoon activities of around 2-3 hours each.

  • Monday –  Guided walk around the Renaissance centre of Florence. Introduction to the subject of the seminar and welcome drink.
  • Tuesday –  Renaissance Painting. Visit to the Uffizi Gallery.
  • Wednesday – Visits to various Artisans’ workshops. Restoration of antique books, paper-marbling, and the production of terracotta.
  • Thursday-  Filippo Brunelleschi,  the architect of the Renaissance. Guided visit to the Baptistery, the Dome, and other important places of interest.
  • Friday – Renaissance Sculpture. Guided visit to the Accademia gallery.

Minimum age:  16
Level:  1
Language: Italian and/or English.

Price:  Prices are per person, and are calculated according to how many people are in your group.

Price includes:  4 hours of Italian lessons in small groups, from Monday to Friday. Afternoon activities as described above, including entrance into museums and Artisans’ workshops. Welcome drink.